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John was the victim of a horrible procedure from one of the other major scalp micropigmentation providers. He was forced to undergo painful laser removal but after seeing Scalp Aesthetics and the Scalp Aesthetics Technique, he decided to give the process another try. This time however, he walked away with astonishing, undetectable results. It was truly live changing and sparked him to want to change the lives of others with this procedure and make sure they did not have to undergo what he had to endure.

Procedure cost

Procedure cost

If you want to fix your hair loss and want to know the cost of your procedure, you’re in the right place. Scalp micropigmentation is the most affordable solution on the planet for balding men and at Scalp Aesthetics we’re passionate about making this procedure accessible to everybody, no matter what your budget may be. Although we cannot provide exact costs on this page, as every client has unique requirements, we can give you some indication of what to expect.

So how much does it cost?

The cost of your procedure depends on what you need. Ultimately it is decided by how many hours of session time you require and that depends on any special requirements you may have.

For example, the ‘average’ client, with thinning hair on top and perhaps a receding hairline, can expect to pay around $3000 (USD) or the equivalent in local currency if using a Scalp Aesthetics location outside the United States. Most clients fit this category. Even those with intact hairlines usually require the same session time to recover lost density.

The price is likely to be reduced if your hair loss is less advanced, for example if you have full density but need a slight reconstruction of your hairline. The price will increase if you have scars to conceal or alopecia to camouflage.

So use $2500-$5500 (USD) as a guide and allow some fluctuation depending on your personal requirements.


Scalp Aesthetics Special Ink


Our pigments are 100% organic with no color additives. They cannot break down into other colors because they contain no constituent colors. This is critical in a realistic lasting look.

Scalp Aesthetics Custom Machines


Better results are achieved with a longer stroke length, so we developed the world’s only scalp micropigmentation machine delivering 5mm.

scalp micropigmentation needles


We developed our own needles to fit our machines. They are 75% smaller than commercially available needles, resulting in smaller follicle replications and more realistic results.

Scalp magnify


Our trained professionals study the aesthetics of each and every client in order to create a masterpiece of art. At Scalp Aesthetics this is our passion, our lives, and our future.

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